Practice Diary

I absolutely LOVED the entire (retreat) experience and Barbara!!! I loved Barbara's style of instruction. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge made the practice easy to learn and helped build confidence. I hated for the week to end. I am a homebody but would totally have stayed another week or two! -- JH, Montana

Have taken a few yoga classes now with Babsi and for someone who is a complete beginner and unbelievably unflexible she made the experience very fun and comfortable. I'll be continuing to attend her class in the future and looking forward to continuing to fix this broken old body! -- Dave, Colorado

An amazing yoga class! Babsi tailored the yoga session to the needs and levels of all of the students in the class. She helped with modifications for poses that were too difficult and offered more challenging options when I needed a deeper stretch. The class was fantastic- I felt totally comfortable and had a great time! -- Kris, Colorado

What a special group of women, a fabulous way to take care of your soul! -- Caci, Colorado

This is the ultimate way to treat yourself or a loved one to a unique Telluride experience! I walked out of my petite RE:treat session feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. -- Galena, Colorado

Just took a yoga class from the lovely Babsi! Having taken quite a while off from practicing yoga I was nervous to get back into it, but she was encouraging and welcoming and the class was exactly what I needed after a busy day. I would highly recommend RE:treat and will be returning to Yoga with Babsi! -- Kathrine, Colorado

Babsi is a true gem! Her playful teaching style is refreshing and it's a joy to take her class. The RE:treat crew carries the playful joy through the whole experience. -- Robyn, Colorado

As one of Babsi's first Ashtanga yoga converts, the real reason I practice with her is the unimaginable joy she brings to the mat. This joy seems to overflow onto my mat at every practice and for that I am grateful. She opened my eyes to practicing a style of yoga that was not my standard power yoga in a hot room and made my inner fire burn hotter than any 105 degree yoga studio I ever namasted in. If you ever have the chance to roll out your mat next to Babsi's, you will ask yourself why you had not done so sooner. If you are still not convinced, just ask her for a bite of the gluten-free, vegan, chocolate bundt cake she has become notorious for. Seriously. 
-- Nicole, Colorado

Having the pleasure of private yoga instruction with Babsi was such a treat. Her passion for yoga and delightful energy is both contagious and inspiring! I was amazed that I was able to get into, with her instruction, some of what seemed to me advanced poses. Feeling both invigorated and the beneficial effects for my body and mind right away, even on into the next day. -- Summer, WI

Having Babsi during our Ashtanga yoga teacher training was amazing because her growth and detail was inspiring to watch. She has an undeniable warmth and likability about her that made the whole class want her as a friend. She is confident, bright, bold, friendly, determined and passionate about teaching yoga. She offers valuable instruction that you cannot just find anywhere. I was honored to have her in class with me. She made the whole room light up with her energy and charisma. -- Maureen Hannigan, California