Practice Yoga in an intimate environment


Practicing Yoga in a class environment can be intimidating. There can be physiological reasons (current or old injuries) why you are hesitant to join a class, or the studio schedule does not fit yours, or, you are in town with a group of friends and want to practice amongst each other... 

Private Yoga is the perfect way to practice posture and breathing in an intimate, one-on-one setting. For beginners, private yoga is a great way to explore the practice with detailed, one-on-one instructions and for practitioners with an already established practice, it is the perfect opportunity to fine-tune and deepen what has already been established, or even move beyond that. 


PRICES* as of 1/1/2018:

$ 108 (1 hour)
$ 138 (1,5 hours)
+ $10 per person for each additional practitioner.

 *Price includes yoga mat rentals & props.
Please note that room rental charges may apply. 


Terms & Conditions:  A non-refundable 50% deposit of final price is due upon time of booking. All major credit cards, checks and cash payments accepted. Please observe the 48 hour cancellation policy!  


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