NM - New Moon | FM - Full Moon 

On New and Full Moon days, Ashtanga Yoga practitioners traditionally rest and don't practice. Why? Click here.

FM Wednesday, January 11
NM Friday, January 27

FM Friday, February 10
NM Sunday, February 26

FM Sunday, March 12
NM Monday, March 27

FM Monday, April 10
NM Tuesday, April 25

FM Wednesday, May 10
NM Thursday, May 25

FM Friday, June 9
NM Friday, June 23

FM Saturday, July 8
NM Saturday, July 22

FM Monday, August 7
NM Monday, August 21

FM Tuesday, September 5
NM Tuesday, September 19

FM Thursday, October 5
NM Thursday, October 19

FM Friday, November 3
NM Friday, November 17

FM Sunday, December 3
NM Sunday, December 17

Source: www.ashtanga.com

Why take Ladies Holiday?

According with the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, I strongly suggests to rest during your Moon cycle and not practice bandhas, vinyasa and/or asana intensely. Menstruation is not dirty. Due to the Moon cycle, the body's energy is predominantly downward. Yet during Yoga practice, we cultivate upward energy and this is the reason why it is strongly suggested to rest, and allow the body to do its natural thing, rather than create confusion. 

Menstrual cycles can last from 12 hours to 7 days. Regular practitioners usually take 2-3 days off. Observe your personal cycle. Honor it. 
Rule of thumb is to no practice as long as there is "flow". Give yourself permission to rest as long as YOU need. Listen to your body and natural rhythms.