Weekend Recap-Spring into Action


I woke up on day 13 of my cleanse,  feeling anti-social and wiped from a long night of work behind me and was searching for the energy to take on the annual Cyclofemme ride later that morning. What I was really craving was a pile of pancakes and a cup of coffee. 

Day 13 is a Purification day where nothing but liquids in the form of teas, smoothies and lemon water are allowed, oh and throw in a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and some steamed veggies. Oh geez-what was I thinking? How the hell was I going to climb this mountain on liquid energy?

I came to the realization that aside from the restraining order I had on baked goods and booze, THIS was the challenge-to test the psyche, to step outside the comforts of gels and banana bread to keep me pedaling and truly enjoy the ride. And I did. And it was one of the more notable rides I have been on this year. I even had enough energy to retell the day:

It snowed. Twenty RSVPs, five showed. We bundled up Lefthand Canyon to a small mountain hamlet called, Jamestown, a battered town after the massive flood that drowned Boulder a couple of years back. The unsettled earth was apparent after a long stretch of heavy rain. The Jamestown Mercantile was closed. (Bummer, I won't get to watch everyone eat pie while I sip on my ice cold water.) So we snapped a photo to prove our BAMF status and back down we went.  The descent was frigid, teeth chattering, Elvis legs dancing on the pedals, hugging the canyon's curves-and then it happened. CRACK! A boulder released from the wall above and tumbled onto the road feet in front of us. We we're lucky. Timing is everything. A welcome climb emerged leading us up Lee Hill Road-our only source of heat for the rest of the ride. The push for lower elevation was a beeline to a big comfy sweater, hut slippers and a roaring fire. 
 Recipe from Conscious Cleanse

Recipe from Conscious Cleanse

 Recipe from Conscious Cleanse

Recipe from Conscious Cleanse


The Conscious Cleanse was an amazing experience. I have to say I thought I was a healthy eater until I took away a few clutch things in my diet that opened my mind: caffeine and eggs. I had done away with dairy, gluten, etc before, but eggs and caffeine were a staple to get me from point A to B. 

The biggest take aways from this detox were shopping differently, thinking outside the box, and realizing what my body thrives on. Also being prepared each day with what to eat gave me freedom to tackle projects and reoccurring thoughts that constantly cycled through my brain on a daily basis.  

I will most certainly keep many of the daily rituals of the cleanse in my everyday life, such as, warm lemon water in the morning, less caffeine, animal protein and mindless eating. In the end, moderation is the key to longevity and that is something I understand now more than ever.

Spring into Action||

Shed the toxins. Get out there and show the world how fucking awesome you are. Don't wake up one day and say, I should of, would of, could of. Challenge yourself. Struggle. Learn. Step outside your comfort zone. Don't live through others. No FOMO (fear of missing out!) Set the stage for a happy and healthy life. It is yours. Take it! 

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