Nock Mountains & Lake Millstätter See: a place to unwind amongst ruby red treasures

The Nock Mountains - Mountains of Ruby Red Treasures

Spread over parts of Austrian's federal states Carinthia, Salzburg & Styria, the Nock Mountains (German: Nockberge) are the westernmost and highest mountain range of the Gurktal Alps in Austria. Their appearance is characterised by numerous dome-like and grass-covered summits (German: Nocken)*. 

Quite inconspicuously the gentle Nock Mountains conceal unexpected secrets: ruby-red gemstones, dreamy places, breathtaking views, inspiring stories and provide endless opportunities to hike and explore**. 

The video below provides the perfect sneak-preview of what your RE:treat adventure: Unwind & Transform Yoga & Hiking RE:treat, Austria

Lake Millstätter See - The Jewel of Carinthia

Created during the last glacial period, approx. 20,000 years ago, lake Millstätter See is situated 588 meters above sea level and is the second largest lake in the federal provice of Carinthia. Its steep shore gives the lake a fjord-like character and the shaded southern shore, a protected area since 1970, remains to this day almost uninhabited. Millstätter See was named after a small market town, Millstatt, located at the north shore. Today, this region*.

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