A weekend in Telluride's Backcountry

Backcountry Skiing

Christmas and New Year is a very hectic time in this box-canyon and spending a weekend at OPUS Hut with my friends, Fiona & Naani was the perfect opportunity for a change of scenery.
Over the course of two days, we took care of 16 guests, skied powder, skinned up hill after hill, baked birthday cakes, stoked fires, shoveled snow, played cards, laughed and slept under the full moon.

To be able to spend time in such a pristine and untouched environment is a magical experience. Because of my brother, I was introduced to the backcountry at a young age but only here in Telluride have I begun to really enjoyed its solitude and serenity on a regular basis.
Conquering a mountain without the support of a ski lift is very gratifying and also humbling.
But what get’s me the most is the skiing: curving your own line into the snow, without having hundreds of others competing for that same line in a ski-resort, feeling the skis float on the powdery surface filles my heart with happiness and makes me smile every single time. 

This weekend was also the first time I toured with Naani in the backcountry. Last season, I gave her my pair of backcountry skies and it is an honor to see those pink planks underneath her feet, riding the powder while she is grinning from one ear to the other. 
Naani was kind enough to share her thoughts and experience of backcountry skiing with us:

I am a novice backcountry skier, make no mistake. I am in learning, and mentor ship out there. I rely on the generosity and patience of those much wiser and stronger than me.
I’m called to the back country for the honesty of the experience. For the quiet and solitude and intimate relationship with the landscape. I grew up with a deep reverence in nature and this is what I seek. It tests my strength, builds it and cultivates it. It challenges what I’m committed to. It’s rewarding when the turns are sweet and humbling when the skin track is slick.
It leaves me feeling alive, awake and connected.

Would you like to experience nature on another level and SKI untouched terrain?

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