Le Tour de Nuge

I love month long goals, something to keep me moving, motivated, a dangling carrot of challenge. In May, I participated in the #maydaymile, a mile a day or more for the whole month. While this seems like an easy task, it was really the reverse psychology of it all. Running at least one mile became a no brainer, it was the idea that once the laces were tied and ready to crush 5280 feet of Earth, my mind began to want more. So I did. 

Skip over June and enter July, the start of Le Tour de France. This is the pinnacle of summer for me as I wake up at 6:30 every morning, brew a cup of my morning ritual and trace the gaggle of meaty legs and rainbow bright lycra snaking around the sexy curves of Euro pavement. This makes me want to ride my bike. So I do. 

Inspired by the #maydaymile challenge, I am riding my own version of Le tour de France right here in my backyard. I call it Tour de Nuge or #tdnuge. It would be silly for me as an amateur to ride the exact same mileage (3664 km) over 21 days with only 2 rest days. Instead, I will ride the same style of stages over 21 days at a mileage that fits my schedule. I will rest when they rest and I will ride when they ride. So let's do this!

Feeling inspired now? Looking for a reason to get back on the bike? Do it! All that needs to be completed it the quantity of each type of stage and in no particular order. It is a grand total of 9 flat stages, 5 hill stages, 6 mountain stages, 1 time trial, and most importantly, 2 rest days. Ride when the pros ride and rest when the pros rest. Start today and share your photos and journey using #tdnuge & in the comments below. 

See you on the road!!