The A to Z guide to YOUR RE:treat in Austria

Babsi on top of Switzerland, Piz Gloria. Image by Babsi Glanznig.

During this RE:treat we invite you to join invigorating Yoga classes, lead by Babsi Glanznig (RYT-500). 

Babsi herself practices Ashtanga Yoga and teaches traditional Ashtanga yoga, as well as dynamic flow and Vinyasa Yoga. Due to her personal practice and training, she acknowledges the importance of breath and movement. This is where her one of her main emphasis lies, as well as a detailed and very well explained asana practice. 

During our RE:treat in Pörtschach, you will start each practice with a little “warm-up-phase”, during which in particular the spine, areas of the neck , wrists and legs will be moved gently. Then, different sun salutation sequences will be taught, followed by a selection of standing asanas (poses), seated asanas and finally each participant will be guided through gentle back-bending sequences. The class finishes with a “closing sequence” and approximately 10 minutes of Savasana (corpse pose). 

Babsi in Padmasana, Malibu 2013. Image by Babsi Glanznig.

Short, guided meditation and/or breathing exercises will be incorporated into the practice.

All our RE:treats and Yoga classes are suitable for all level practitioners!
Wether you practice regularly, or are at the beginning of your yoga-journey, we will be able to accommodate your level and are happy to have you join us. Modifications will always be available!

Babsi adjusting Paschimottanasana. Image RE:treat.

Water & more...

During this particular event, we emphasis on fun water activities and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful Lake "Wörthersee". 

From Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) to SUP Yoga, an afternoon of waterskiing for the more adventurous participants to a very scenic bike ride around the lake… You will be able to experience the full beauty of this wonderful area and we will show you the lake from all different angeles and perspectives. On hot late summer days, we will certainly bring our swimming gear and cool off during our adventures along the shore. 

On our last evening, we would like to take you all to the Casino in Velden for some fun, cocktails and a wonderful sunset in a very glamourous surrounding. 

All of our activities are optional. Please let us know in case you have special requests!

Lake Wörthersee. Image Wörthersee Tourismus. 

Being “Sleeping beauties” for a week... 

Being accommodated in a nice hotel is one thing, but sleeping in a former castle is another! We are super proud to be able to host our RE:treat as this wonderful, stunning and unique location - “Schlosshotel Leonstain”. With a long tradition as Yoga location, this 4* superior hotel has everything and more youcould wish for. Beautiful accommodation, stunning views and luxurious interior designs as well as a private pool, private beach/lake access and a fun and great beach bar for evening cocktails and some dancing… The hotel provides a indoor and outdoor Yoga studio. 

Miles & More...

For you to participate in this fun and adventurous event, you gotta make it to Pörtschach... 

Click here, for a MAP

Wörthersee. Image Internet.

Transportation option:

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Car: Pörtschach is located approximately 20 minutes from Klagenfurt, the regions capital and can easily be reached by car. The little town is located close to the A2. 

Train: check to find suitable trains for your route. Trains run to Klagenfurt, or directly to Pörtschach. For shuttle services from / to the train stations, please contact us ahead of time. 

Flight: Best options are Klagenfurt (KLU) or Laibach Airport (LJU). Please contact us for shuttle services to/from the airport of your choice. The cheapest flights can be found HERE.

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