Apfelstrudel, Dirndl, Yodelling… and Yoga! Welcome to Austria

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AUSTRIA - the land of Apfelstrudel, Sound of Music, Schnapps, Dirndl & Lederhosen, Mozart, beautiful lakes, mountains… and my home.

Summer has begun and I am hiking through the Alps... I was in France, then Bavaria and now I am headed to Central Switzerland and for this blog post, I asked fellow travellers, hikers, yoga peeps and random tourists I met riding gondolas, at hotels or on the trails, why they would spend time in Austria and what their experiences were in my native country. I talked to them about our upcoming Endless Summer RE:treat and wanted them to share their impressions with you all so you can also get a feel for this part of the world… 

Q: Tell me about your experience when traveling through Austria?

A: Austria has this sea of mountain effect. Wherever you look, you only see waves of mountains. 

A: It is like a fairy-tale-country, with small houses painted in different colors, castles and old medieval forts, barns, cow pastures, charming villages and churches. 

A: When traveling to lakes in Carinthia, I thought I entered the Caribbean or I saw true mountain lakes. Some of them, like Wörthersee, had turquoise blue waters, others were darker... Most of them were warm and where ever I went, the sunsets were stunning. 

Q: The one thing/word you associate with Austria?
A: Apfelstrudel: THE local delicatessen, prepared a little different in each valley. It’s an Austria style apple tart, usually eaten with whipped cream or vanilla sauce.
A: Pristine nature
A: Calm
A: Culture
A: Lederhosen, which are leather pants made out of deer skin. They are part of the traditional Austrian attire and are usually worn during holidays or parties. The ladies wear the traditional “Dirndl”. 

Q: Can you describe the energy you experienced during your stay?

A: Austria is a place of serenity and tranquility. A place for the mind and the body, where you can allow yourself to rest, calm down while spending time exercising outside, experiencing nature. 

A: Time does not seem to be an issue, it is a relaxed environment with mostly relaxed people. 

Q: Austria and its...
A: People: are open and super excited to engage with visitors. As tourist you will have a fun time. 

A:Seasons: late summer is probably the best season for any kind of activity, as the temperature cool down a little during the day (it can be rather hot during the high-summer months), the days are still long and the sunsets epic. If you spend time near lakes, the water is still warm enough to swim in the early morning and evenings. Also, it is a quieter time, school holidays are over, and towns seem to quiet down. 

Q: Overall, what would you take with you after your time in Carinthia? Would you practice yoga there?
A: Austria, and especially the more tranquil region Carinthia, is a little different from other tourist places all over the Alps. It is quieter and gives you the opportunity to engage introspectively. It allows you to calm down and breath. So yes, this kind of environment is very suitable for yoga practitioners!

A: Austria brings fantasy back into fantastic!


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