Think you are 100% prepared for your next travel adventure? Think again...

The beauty of travel is that no matter how prepared you think you are, something unexpected always happens. ALWAYS. I've never met a soul who has embarked on a journey where everything went according to plan. And if I did meet someone who said so, I'd say they are telling a bit fat porky pie...

Here at RE:treat, we love to travel. And as we sat around this morning, we started comparing notes. After half an hour, tears were streaming down my face as we recalled some of the random, crazy and hilarious travel experiences we have had.  

Half the fun of traveling is those unexpected moments. Those situations you did NOT see coming. At the time, it was mortifying, terrifying, exhausting, embarrassing… but in retrospect these are the moments that end up being the most memorable, personally fulfilling and hysterically funny snippets that you hold on to forever. 

Over the next week we'd like to share some of our favorite unexpected travel stories with you. 

Let's start with Nuge's story, from when she went backpacking around Europe for a month when she was 22.

The most adventurous part about backpacking in Europe for a month other than traveling with everything you need hugging your back, staying in hostels and sleeping on night trains to save money, was one particular situation that occurred in the Netherlands of Amsterdam.

I know what you are thinking, "you must have smoked too much weed and forgot where you were...". Well, no. We had purchased night train tickets from Amsterdam to Venice on a touristy Friday night. As we approached the train station, it looked like a hot mess. Police were surrounding the grounds, travelers with bags in hand looking awestruck, including ourselves. We soon received translated word that a train had crashed approaching the city and no train could go in or out. 

We were stuck. It would not seem like a bad place to be stuck, but it was a friday night in the middle of summer and we were broke. Any affordable hotel or even hostel was booked solid, leaving only the ritzy places left to rest our heads. We teamed up with a stranded Canadian and proceeded to walk aimlessly around Amsterdam, sleeping on the train station floor, getting kicked out with the homeless guy that were also on the same program, begging hotel staff to let us squat in the hotel lobby until it was time to move on. It was cold. I am not sure why, but I remember feeling quite a chill walking around the Red Light District at 3am with my whole life on my back.

Eventually, morning light came and a 5am bus took us to the next train station where we were to board a train to Munich and wait to connect to Venice. On the way to the train station a crack head from Georgia stepped onto the bus, sat next to me, showed me his crack pinky nail, took out some crack from his behind, and began to smoke it from his crack pipe. The first and last time I have seen crack other than the movies was on this bus and it will never be forgotten. These are the moments that remind me why I crave travel. As silly as it sounds, it is what makes me live!

 Nuge and her travel buddies backpacking around Europe together. 

Nuge and her travel buddies backpacking around Europe together. 

 I didn't know Santa rode a bike (or wore such short shorts!). Yeah Claus!!!

I didn't know Santa rode a bike (or wore such short shorts!). Yeah Claus!!!

Do you have an unexpected travel story that you would like to share with us. We'd love to hear it in the comments below!