Telluride Wellness Profile: Fran Headley, Après Healing Massage.

"The goal of Après Healing Massage is to promote whole wellness to the people of Telluride through therapeutic massage. FEEL GOOD FOREVER!"

After a busy few months of traveling this off season, I returned to Telluride in serious need of a massage. Despite me being very aware of how much I needed some body work, I kept making excuses, telling myself it was an unnecessary luxury. Eventually, after weeks hunched over my computer, I was desperate. As we discussed our new Petite RE:treat endeavor, Naani mentioned Fran Headley, a local Telluride massage therapist who she said was excellent. Before she could finish her sentence I was on the phone booking my massage with Fran! I set an appointment with Fran at Après Healing Massage. As ascended the stairs at 300 W Colorado Avenue, I noticed the only establishment that appeared to have any life was Alpine Wellness - the pot shop. I was running late so I frantically scanned the other commercial spaces, trying to understand where I was meant to be. After a few minutes of confusion, I realized that Apres Healing Massage is indeed part of Alpine Wellness. Fran explained her decision to partner with Alpine Wellness once she understood their philosophy - providing quality care for those in need of pain relief & relaxation. And while I am not a pot smoker, I absolutely love the smell so I was happy to soak up the pleasant aroma of fresh bud during my 1.5hr massage! Fran's approach is just my style - she eases you into the massage, making you feel relaxed & 'warmed up' before delving into tight spots. She is professional & warm and you can tell she really cares about the wellbeing of her clients. I actually stayed and chatted to her for half an hour after my massage as I was the last appointment of the day!

Here is Fran's Bio:

Fran Headley is a licensed Orthopedic Massage Therapist based out of Telluride, Colorado. Her passion for helping people was awakened when she was injured in high school sports. This experience would become the foundation for the journey she has taken into the healing arts. After initially attending UNC-Wilmington to pursue a degree in Athletic Training, Fran decided that in order to provide a life-long benefit to her clientele, she needed to alter her career path.  She chose to continue her journey in Asheville, NC where she attended Massage Therapy School. This is where her healing spirit really began to blossom. Fran further developed her knowledge in Port Townsend, WA where she received an advanced certification in Orthopedic Massage Therapy.  

“Athletic Training, for all it’s benefits and all I learned while pursuing a degree in this field, began to feel constrictive.  I felt like there could be a more holistic and well rounded  approach in addressing rehabilitation, injury prevention, and general wellness.  I found this through the Art of Massage Therapy.”

She is currently the owner of Après Healing Massage in downtown Telluride, CO. A small healing business, AHM allows her to provide bodywork to this wonderful community in the San Juan Mountains. Fran enjoys making lavender pouches, playing on the recreational volleyball team, roasting almonds and a bluebird powder day! Learn more at


 The lovely Fran Headley - owner & therapist of Apres Healing Massage in Telluride, Colorado. 

The lovely Fran Headley - owner & therapist of Apres Healing Massage in Telluride, Colorado. 

We are super excited to be working with Fran for our Petite RE:treat offering, starting this winter. Visit the Petite RE:treat page to get a better idea of the mini retreat packages we will be offering Telluride visitors, or call us on 970-729-8108 & speak with Georgie.

RE:treat offers yoga-inspired adventures in beautiful mountain locations around the world. We are based in beautiful Telluride, Colorado where we host our yoga + skiing retreats in the winter, as well as our yoga + hiking retreats in the summer. In 2015 we will be adding yoga retreats in Europe, including Greece, Austria & Italy.