Almond Milk Recipe

Babsi’s Almond Milk Recipe


  • 1 cup raw, organic almonds
  • 3 cups filtered water


  • dates
  • vanilla pod (or a tsp of vanilla extract)
  • *you can use your preferred sweeteners here, such as maple syrup, brown sugar, coconut sugar etc. 


  • High-speed Blender 
  • Nut Milk bag or cheese cloths to strain

Put almonds in a glass bowl ,cover with water and allow to soak overnight. Then, wash almonds in colander thoroughly and place almonds and water in high-speed blender. 

Add sweetness: 4 pitted dates and half a vanilla pod into mixture. 

Blend for 3-5 minutes.
Pour almond-water mixture into nut-milk bag or layers of cheesecloth. Squeeze the bag until all of the “milk” is in a bowl and nut pulp remains.
I like to repeat straining the nut milk a couple of times so it is very smooth. 

Don’t throw the nut pulp out!
Keep it in the freezer/refrigerator to make cookies. It can also be dried and used as almond flour.
You don’t have to stick to nuts here -- ever tried hazelnut, or cashew milk?