Balancing Act - Quieting the Mind in an Increasingly Compex World.

We want to infuse our day with good habits so that we can turn seemingly mundane situations into a ceremony of goodness - Sakyong Mipham, 'Running with Mind of Meditation'.

I am re-reading a book by the head of Shambhala Buddhist lineage, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche titled, Running With the Mind of Meditation. It breaks down the profound similarity between the mind during a run and the mind in stillness. 

I have had a love-hate relationship with running, and a curiosity about meditation for some time. I must emphasize curiosity because that is the extent of it. This desire to look inward usually arises after I drink one too many cups of my morning ritual only to get fired up to conquer the world thereby taking on more tasks than I can handle becoming too busy to even sort out my own thoughts and desires let alone sit still listening to my breath. 

My mind wanders in run on sentences most days, going on a walkabout if you will. I envy those who can take personal time to just be still. I wonder if looking at the news feed on my Facebook page is enough to make me feel like I need to pile on more in my life in order to live up to what all 500 of my friends are doing or if the amount of caffeine running through my veins whilst looking at my news feed is what keeps me from my own presence. I recently discovered the deactivate button on my social media setting and am considering a hiatus from all things related to the social media frenzy that take up way more time then I would like to admit.  How does one find balance in this hectic world? Do I drink less coffee? Sweat less? Work Less? Say yes less? Probably, but it keeps coming back to finding stillness in the mind. 

To all you readers out there who have discovered your own personal secret to quieting the mind, I would love to hear about your meditative journeys and will report back on my own.


 Nicole Nugent, aka 'Nuge' co-founder of RE:treat, finds her balance in Boston. 

Nicole Nugent, aka 'Nuge' co-founder of RE:treat, finds her balance in Boston.