Mindfulness Retreat
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September 16 - 20, 2017 


  • 4 nights at Kelly Place Retreat Center
  • All meals
  • 2 x daily Yoga + Philosophy
  • Daily Meditation
  • Hiking in red rocks canyons

Starting at $1025 pP

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Retreat to one of the most stunning locations in the Four Corners.

Kelly Place is a retreat center located in McElmo Canyon, just west of Cortez, CO. This desert canyon oasis is a comfortable bed+breakfast, as well as an archeological preserve surrounded by orchards, various ruin sites and beautiful gardens. 

This retreat's yoga and meditation focus is mindfulness, and how to  maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environments. Mindfulness also involves acceptance and paying attention to arising thoughts and feelings without judging them—without believing that there’s a “right” or “wrong” way to think or feel. Awareness tunes into the present moment rather than letting thoughts rehash the past or imagining the future.

Practice yoga and meditate among Anasazi Indian ruins. Explore red rock canyons and stunning mesas on foot, and discovers the wilderness of the Southwest. 

Daily Schedule*

Photo by Ryan Bonneau

Photo by Ryan Bonneau

Each morning will begin with a short meditation followed by an invigorating yoga class where we explore the principles of the eight limbs path of yoga. Practice will be approx. 1.5 h. followed by breakfast.

After a break, the group will meet for yoga philosophy, information on Ayurveda and the general Yogic lifestyle. 

Adventures take up time after lunch and afternoon restorative yoga will relax your muscles in time for a delicious dinner.

*this is a suggested daily schedule and the retreat leader may adjust the daily schedule according to weather and/or the group. 


Wether  you are a beginner or already practice Yoga or Meditation on a regular basis, this is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the practice and retreat to a peaceful and nourishing environment.

The focus during Yoga practice will be the exploration of the principles of the eight-limbs-path (Ashtanga) of Yoga. Through detailed exploration and explanation of the key "ingredients" of breath, drishti (focus point), bandhas and posture this ancient tradition will be accessible for every level practitioner. Every Yoga practice will finish with traditional Hindustani Music. 

No matter what the day brings, my intention is to combine the healing and restorative qualities of Yoga with meditation and adventures in nature so you can go home satisfied and saturated.

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Hiking is the perfect activity for this retreat and the opportunity to explore this stunning environment are endless. One of the key components of practicing mindfulness is connecting to Nature. Charged with energy, you will be able to absorb the power of this sacred environment as you meditate near ancient sites. 

Explore the areas around Kelly Place, meander through acres of canyons, washes and sage land as well as ruin sites.

Hikes average between 1-3 hours, and participation is optional though highly recommended. 


Guests sleep soundly at Kelly Place, a comfortable bed+breakfast and retreat center in McElmo Canyon, west of Cortez, CO.
Several accommodation options, as well as RV camping + camping are available for this retreat. See below for details. 

Gourmet Meals

Enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals at Kelly Place.

All meals are prepared with local, organic ingredients and tons of love and devotion.

All meals will be sattvic and vegan/vegetarian. 

We happily accommodate any food intolerances!
Please inform us when reserving your spot. 

Getting There


The closest airport is Cortez Municipal Airport (CEZ), located 10 miles from Kelly Place.

However, we recommend flying into Durango La Plata County Airport (DRO), which is located just 73 miles from Kelly Place.  

Airport shuttles are available and pricing depends on number of participants.


 7.5 hours from the Denver/Boulder area to Cortez

5.5 hours from Salt Lake City to Cortez

6 hours drive from Phoenix to Cortez


regular lodge

$1290 per person - single occupancy
$1025 per person - double occupancy

DEluxe Lodge

$1435 per person - single occupancy
$1100 per person - single occupancy


Camping and RV sites are available!
Please contact Barbara directly for detailed prices for campsites: escape@elevatedretreat.com | 970.729.8108


DEPOSIT: 2017 Mindfulness REtreat

A non refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your place for this event. Full balance is due 60 days prior to your arrival. 

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Questions? Please email or call

info@barbara-yoga.com | 970-729-8108